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October 6, 2015
To Powder Coat or Not to Powder Coat
May 24, 2018

Lets get started – Welcome to our new blog on all things Metal

Hello and welcome to the start of a new fruitful blog…aiming to give our clients and wider audience a broader insight into our business and all things metal.

Woohoo I hear you say…go metal…

Seriously though we hope to give you advice where needed in achieving the best quality outcome to any project be it large or small.

Are you intending on extending your property? Do you need advice on structural steel; the size, the finish; the installation not to mention the safety and quality control involved? Or are you looking to design a small side gate? Some decorative railings? But are unsure of the finished look. Traditional? Modern? A security measure? In this blog we will discuss and advice, based on our own experiences, the pros and cons of working with all types of metal from sheet to angle to beam to stainless and provide some guidance on what method, finish, design is suitable for the project in hand.  As a small family run business we pride ourselves on attention to detail and giving our customers a full, engaged service. This blog will be an extension of that service.

We are 6 – Happy Birthday Us

We are 6 – Happy Birthday Us

Can we also take this opportunity to say a massive Happy Birthday to ourselves…yes Happy 6th Birthday LCR (cue the hip hip hoorays). What a hectic 6 years it has been, lots of highs, a few lows. We’ve worked on some amazing projects, fabricated, crafted and built whatever came our way. It’s been a huge learning curve, one that we’re still riding.  We hope you enjoy reading about our experiences as much as we do living them.

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